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A Deep Yearning to Beautify the Voice

A Deep Yearning to Beautify the Voice

The word “maqam” in Arabic means place, location, or position. Maqamat in Quran is the study of beautifying the voice in recitation of the Quran. They are patterns of melody that embellishes the recitation and expresses the moods and emotions in the Ayahs being recited. Their techniques define a piece of music pitches, patterns, and structure. It is unique and only found in Arabic art music. It is a system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music. Back in the Islamic golden age, this system of Maqamats influenced musical systems in various places.
Hence, this is a science that preceded the Quran and its recitation, and Qaris may recite one tone of the maqamat without being aware of it.
We planned to start a new Tartil Course for ladies on Mondays with an outstanding teacher. This course began on February 20, 2023. They will learn two Maqams (Maqam Hejaz and Maqam Nahawand) in different surahs, with the most illustrious recitation of the gilt-edge elocutionists.
Maqam scales are usually made of 7 notes that repeat at the octave. Hijaz is one of the most common Middle Eastern maqams. Maqam Hijaz is the sound of longing and reaching out. And many like to hear Maqam Nahawand. It is romantic and full of passion as it has a remarkable ability to bear the feeling of a deep yearning.
What we teach in Quran maqamat to our users:

  1. Recitation based on the meaning,
  2. Usage of their voice in a correct way,
  3. Developing melody in their recitation,
  4. Enhancing clarity in the delivery of their voice.
    Learning Quran Maqamats will beautify your voice and enable you reach an elegant recitation. DarulQuran Academy will help you to achieve this aim; if you want to grab the chance to learn these maqamat, follow up this course in the melodious recitation department.

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