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Assaying the past Muharram events in DarulQuran

Assaying the past Muharram events in DarulQuran

The month of Muharram and especially the day of Ashura marks a very sorry, sad and painful day in the history of Islam.

Every year, Muslims hold a series of events to honor the great martyrs of Islam. During this month, Muslims organize many charity events and read supplications, especially in that ten days.
At DarulQuran academy, we participate in various sessions on various subjects.

In each of them, we investigate on one aspect of this holy event.

The central part is assaying several surahs that Imam Husayn recited in his departure from Madinah to Karbala. The story behind them, the aim of this martyr Imam, and also the historical background.
At the end, our participants were given a certificate.DarulQuran covers all significant occurrences of Muharram

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