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Bright future for potential elites of Quran world

Bright future for potential elites of Quran world

Bunyan Marsus is a one-year project that most talented people was chosen to involve in the breeding of future elites of the Islamic/Quranic world.

DarulQuran undertakes this big responsibility to teach Tarteel and Tajweed with their exquisite taste. A comprehensive complete plan for courses which is divided into four parts (each part has ten sessions); and up to three-quarters of the courses had elapsed.

We have three groups of women and one group of men.

They will become costly gems of Islam/Quran world. As they are in a crucial stage in the spread of their education, they can run different plans in their own countries. For example, teaching and training other potential learners or being DarulQuran representatives in various assembles and introducing our plenary courses to interested people.

We aim to take further steps in educating those who are gifted with significant potential.

And operating this project is a way that we can achieve our goal.

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