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اقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلقخلق الإنسان من علق
اپنے رب کے نام سے پڑھوجس نے پیدا کیا۔انسان کو خون کے لوتھڑے سے بنایا۔
Recite in the name of your Lord who created -
Iqra biismi rabbika allathee khalaqa
Qts Tutor
اقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلقخلق الإنسان من علق
اپنے رب کے نام سے پڑھوجس نے پیدا کیا۔انسان کو خون کے لوتھڑے سے بنایا۔
Recite in the name of your Lord who created -
Iqra biismi rabbika allathee khalaqa
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Chicago Ramadan Timing 2024 – Sehri and Iftar Timetable

Chicago Ramadan Timings 2024 Calendar, Sehri & Iftar Time Table

Ramadan calendar 2024 Chicago depends on today Sehri timing Chicago and today iftar timing Chicago for the complete month of Ramadan. Ramadan 2024 starts on Mar 12, 2024 and ends on Apr 09, 2024 in Chicago. You can see the daily Sehri timing in Chicago and iftar time Chicago in Ramzan .


Ramadan Calendar 2024 Chicago

The table below is the Chicago Ramadan Calendar 2024. You can see the Sehri timing in Chicago and iftar timing in Chicago from the first to the last Roza. The Hijri and Gregorian calendar dates are also given in the following Ramadan schedule Chicago so you can know the Chicago Ramadan timings.

We tried our best to bring you the authentic Chicago Ramadan timings for 2024, but remember that there is a 01 minute preventive difference between the Sehr and Iftar times. You should consult your nearest mosque for the exact time for Chicago Sehr o Iftar Timings for better results.


1 05:51 AM 6:54 PM 11 Mar 2024
2 05:49 AM 6:55 PM 12 Mar 2024
3 05:47 AM 6:56 PM 13 Mar 2024
4 05:46 AM 6:58 PM 14 Mar 2024
5 05:44 AM 6:59 PM 15 Mar 2024
6 05:42 AM 7:00 PM 16 Mar 2024
7 05:40 AM 7:01 PM 17 Mar 2024
8 05:39 AM 7:02 PM 18 Mar 2024
9 05:37 AM 7:03 PM 19 Mar 2024
10 05:35 AM 7:04 PM 20 Mar 2024
11 05:33 AM 7:06 PM 21 Mar 2024
12 05:31 AM 7:07 PM 22 Mar 2024
13 05:29 AM 7:08 PM 23 Mar 2024
14 05:28 AM 7:09 PM 24 Mar 2024
15 05:26 AM 7:10 PM 25 Mar 2024
16 05:24 AM 7:11 PM 26 Mar 2024
17 05:22 AM 7:12 PM 27 Mar 2024
18 05:20 AM 7:13 PM 28 Mar 2024
19 05:18 AM 7:14 PM 29 Mar 2024
20 05:16 AM 7:16 PM 30 Mar 2024
21 05:15 AM 7:17 PM 31 Mar 2024
22 05:13 AM 7:18 PM 01 Apr 2024
23 05:11 AM 7:19 PM 02 Apr 2024
24 05:09 AM 7:20 PM 03 Apr 2024
25 05:07 AM 7:21 PM 04 Apr 2024
26 05:05 AM 7:22 PM 05 Apr 2024
27 05:03 AM 7:23 PM 06 Apr 2024
28 05:01 AM 7:24 PM 07 Apr 2024
29 04:59 AM 7:25 PM 08 Apr 2024
30 04:58 AM 7:27 PM 09 Apr 2024



Chicago Ramadan Timing 2024 ( Sehri & Iftar Time Calendar)

However, there are different variations of this name. It is called Ramadan in Arabic and other pronunciations are also common in different parts of the world like Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar and Iftar time in Chicago varies each year. It is a reason that a large number of people utilize the Ramadan calendar 2024 Chicago to check Roza or Iftar time and Chicago Sehri time.

The Muslim population living in Chicago can remain updated with the Ramadan Calendar 2024 Chicago and can analyze the number of fasting hours. Besides Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Chicago today, you can also view prayer timings, Qibla direction, and other information about Chicago on other pages.

Ramadan is typically marked by fasting, prayer, and acts of charity. An updated version of the Ramadan 2024 Chicago is specially designed to meet all these activities. Each one is held frequently at Chicago Ramadan timings to bring people together and celebrate the spirit of the holiday.

1. Chicago communal iftar dinners unite the fasting ones and singles home-cooked meals enjoyed together with a high focus on Iftar time Chicago. Connect with Allah and its noble creatures in Qiyam al-Ramadan till Sehri time Chicago.

2. Many opportunities are available to engage in Ramadan Campaigns. Community service projects and cultural events are a few of them that spread the message of compassion and generosity and educate people with lectures and seminars. Sehri and Iftar time Chicago arranged to enjoy, worship, and share.

3. Ramadan is a family-oriented event and many Islamic organizations in Chicago offer programs and activities designed specifically for families and children. These might include storytelling sessions, Quran recitation competitions, Distributing Ramadan 2024 Chicago, and arts and crafts workshops arranged by many.

4. Ramadan is a time for community building. Many Chicago communities hold picnics and other gatherings on sehri & Iftar time Chicago to bring people together and celebrate the holiday spirit. These events provide an opportunity for people to socialize, share a meal, and learn about each other’s cultures and traditions.

If you are interested in participating in Ramadan activities in Chicago, you can contact your local mosque or Islamic center to find out what events are taking place in your area.

Chicago’s famous mosque activities during Ramadan:

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims and is observed with religious devotion and practices. In Chicago, several mosques hold events and activities during the month of Ramadan to bring the community together.

As the holy month arrives, Chicago’s vibrant Muslim community awakens with the rhythm of taraweeh prayers echoing from historic mosques like Darul Salam and the iconic Chicago Central Mosque. Fasting faithful gather before dawn for sehri meals, sharing dates and warm dishes prepared in homes and community kitchens. At sunset, the city bursts with light and laughter as families and friends come together for iftar feasts, savoring traditional delights like samosas and biryani. Ramadan bazaars tempt with sweet treats and fragrant spices, while cultural events fill nights with stories, music, and shared reflection. This month, experience the soul of Chicago, where the spirit of Ramadan paints the city in a mosaic of faith, fellowship, and unforgettable flavors. Specification of Ramadan 2024 Chicago discussed after the final decision of authorities. Some of the common activities at the mosques in Chicago during Ramadan include:





Quran recitation and study groups: 

Many mosques in Chicago hold Quran recitation and study groups during Ramadan, allowing members to deepen their understanding of Islam and its teachings. The best time to learn the Quran is after Sehri time Chicago when the sun rises.

Eid al-Fitr Celebrations: 

At the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid al-Fitr, and many mosques in Chicago hold large communal celebrations with prayers, food, and other festivities.

Lectures and Discussions:

Many mosques in Chicago hold lectures and discussions during Ramadan, where scholars, imams, and community leaders can share their knowledge and insights on Islam and the significance of Ramadan. These are usually conducted after Sehri time Chicago and continue In intervals till iftar time Chicago respectively.

Youth Programs: 

Mosques in Chicago often organize youth programs during Ramadan, aimed at engaging young people and instilling in them a love for Islam and its teachings. These programs may include games, activities, and workshops aimed at helping young people understand the importance of Ramadan.

Volunteer Work:

These may include cleaning up local parks, helping out at local food banks, or other initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the community. The announcement of the Ramadan 2024 Chicago is very popular nowadays as the month is getting closer.

These activities are aimed at bringing people together and making a positive impact on those around them.


When Chicago Ramadan Time 2024 is expected?

Ramadan starts in Chicago 2024 is expected to take place on the evening of Sunday, March 10th. Subsequently, the first day of fasting is anticipated to occur on Tuesday, March 11th.

How Long Fasting Time Today?

Today fasting time in Chicago is around 12 hours 30 minutes.

Ramadan 2024 Chicago Start and End Date

This year Ramadan in Chicago is expected to start on 10 March and ends on 8 April 2024.


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