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Noorani Qaida for Beginners

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Noorani Qaida for Beginners is the first book for kids and elders to understand how to read the holy Quran correctly. Online Quran Learning & Teaching Academy facilitates you to learn Noorani Qaidah online with qualified Highly Qualified tutors (male/female), One-to-One Classes at your suitable times.

How to learn Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is the basic book for learning Arabic ponurnciation. This book contains almost 17 different lessons. In the first few lessons, the students are familiarized with Arabic alphabets and then there are lessons by which the students learn the basic Tajweed rules. This Noorani Qaida is very easy to learn and it is necessary for all those who want to learn the Holy Quran. Try to learn it step by step and give proper time to it. First, learn daily one lesson and go on increasing your time and lessons. Once you learn it you will find that Quran recitation will become too much easy.

Benefits of Noorani Qaida Course:

Noorani Qaida for Beginners contains the Arabic alphabet. A non-Arab person needs to learn the alphabet of the Arabic language before he learns the Holy Quran. Noorani Qaida is beneficial for all those who are not native Arabs as they cannot pronounce the Quranic words until they learn the basic rules about how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet. Noorani Qaida teaches the beginners accurate pronunciation of Arabic words. You are a Muslim, and you want to know about the teaching of Islam; you are supposed to recite the Quran. And you cannot recite the Quran until you learn the Noorani Qaida.



  • Huroof-e-Mufradat (Individual Letters)
  • Introduction & Practice of Arabic Alphabets
  • Throat letters, Full Mouth, Soft & Sharp letters.
  • Differentiate in the pronunciation of similar-sounding letters
  • Compound & Joining Letters.
  • Introduction of Short Vowels (Harakat) & Practice.
  • The practice of Harakat.
  • Introduction of Tanween & Practice (Ghunnah)
  • Combine Practice of Haraka & Tanween
  • Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Maddah.
  • Introduction & Practice of Khari Harakat
  • Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Leen.
  • Compound Exercise of Khari Harakat, Hroof-e-Maddah & Hroof-e-Leen
  • Introduction & Practice of Sukoon (Jazam) & Letters of Qalqala.
  • Exercise of Jazam.
  • Rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween (Izhar, Ikhfa).
  • Introduction & Practice of Tashdeed, Noon & Meem Mushaddad
  • Exercise of Noon Sakin & Tanween (Idgham and Iqlab).
  • The Rules of Meem Sakin Introduction & Practice
  • Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of Laam & Raa Introduction & Practice
  • Kinds of MADD & Rules of Big and Small MADD.
  • Hroof Muqatta’at.
  • Zaid Alif Introduction & Practice.
  • The practice of Miscellaneous Rules(Izhar e Mutlaq, Sakta, etc)
  • Introduction & Practice Rules of Waqf & sign of Waqf



30 min

Classes Per Week5
Classes Per Month20
Fee per Month$60

Online Quran Courses with Highly Qualified Tutors for Kids & Beginners

After learning this Noorani Qaida course you will be able to recite the Arabic alphabet in a Tajweed accent. With the help of this course, the students will have a good Quran reading foundation.

Learn Noorani Qaida with Highly Smart & Best Quran Tutor

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