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Quran For Kids

Learn Quran for Kids Course

All Muslims are emotionally and religiously associated with the Quran. We’ll discuss how to learn Quran for beginners whether they are kids or adults. Quran for Kids Course, the holy book sent down by God, is a source of guidance and light for Muslims. Every Muslim needs to acquire as much knowledge as possible from the Quran to steer towards the right path and earn whatever they wish for; the Jannah.

Traditionationally, two types of individuals are considered beginners for learning the Quran; children and adults who either have recently converted to Islam or belong to second or third-generation Arab immigrants.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the easy way to learn Quran for beginners.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed via Online Quran Classes for kids

Learn the Quran online with the correct method of Tajweed recitation. Our professional tutors with several years of experience are in a prime position to help you or your child. Our skilled and qualified Quran teachers have the precise know, how of how to teach the Quran for kids and adults. Learn at your own convenience. Your location is no barrier as long as you have computer and internet access. Register now and get a free one-week trial straightaway!

Surah list and Para Numbers in Quran

1Al-Fatiha1Alif Lam Meem
2Al-Baqarah1 , 2 and 3Alif Lam Meem, Sayaqool & Tilkal Rusul
3Ale-Imran3 and 4Tilkal Rusul & Lan Tana Loo
4An-Nisa4, 5 and 6Lan Tana Loo, Wal Mohsanat & La Yuhibbullah
5Al-Ma’ida6 and 7La Yuhibbullah & Wa Iza Samiu
  • Virtues of As-Salah
  • Names and Times of As-Salah
  • Adhan The call for As-Salah
  • Purify yourself
  • How to perform Wudu? (step by step)
  • How to perform Ghusl (step by step)
  • How to perform Tayammum (step by step)
  • Compulsory and Sunnah prayers
  • How to perform Salah? (step by step )
  • Twelve Sunnahs in Wudhu
  • As-Salah in Congregation
  • Short Surah of Quran
Duration30 min
Classes Per Week5
Classes Per Month20
Fee per Month$70

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