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If there is a country in this modern world that has been the target of numerous black propaganda throughout the years, it would be Saudi Arabia. Just recently, there has been yet another black propaganda against the gulf country, particularly against the Saudi Ministry of Education.
It was an audio-less video posted by Meem Magazine English on Facebook which is this attached video:
Saudi Arabia has always been at the forefront of eliminating inauthentic sources that promote terrorism and extremism. However, what the video said about combining the then six separate Islamic subjects of Tawheed, Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Qur’an, and Language into only one single subject.
Bad news for the haters! This is NOT TRUE.
The classes of Al Qur’an Academy are outlined from the curriculum of the Saudi Ministry of Education and we are implementing the six separate subjects for our students. We are using the 2021 edition of e-books of the Saudi Ministry’s Islamic Sciences subject, classroom recordings, as well as the most latest e-book for the Arabic Language. If the modification of the curriculum exists as stated in the video, why then does the Saudi Ministry just released a new edition of their books that are more comprehensive, easy to study, and student-friendly?
Video editing is easy and could be manipulative. Unsurprisingly, this is what is being done against Saudi Arabia. Totally unconnected speeches and events can be stitched together to come up with something that serves evil intentions. Saudi Arabia is innocent of this fake news. Let us be careful and wise before we believe anything we watch or read on social media.

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