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No doubt the knowledge is the key of Muslims society because of presence of great Holy book among them. As long as they will follow its rules and regulations, they would be succeeded in every walk of life. they will not face any difficulties and hurdles in their lives due to the light of Quran, but if they deviate from following it, they cannot be succeeded neither in this world nor in that world. Today if we conclude the present condition of Muslim society in world, they are forced by the other non-Muslim lobbies. They are going down and down economically and socially. The basic reason behind it, is to abandon the learning of Quran. As ALLAH (SWT) says, “you will remain dominant, as long as you will remain faithful.” From this golden saying, it is very clear that current recession in Muslim’s society is only due to deviation from ALLAH’s book. 

Currently, our young generation is trying to return back to their origin i.e (education of Quran), they are continuously acquiring new skills, ideas, thoughts, good gestures everywhere from the world as the everything is being happened very swiftly therefore, they are required to hire such a qualified tutor who can completely guide them in order to explore the knowledge of Holy Quran.  Our the most Beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) also encourages those people who seek knowledge and spread it to others.” Therefore by having a good teacher means you have found a way of success for your life.

To learn the Quran is your first obligation before getting any education other than it. For this purpose your first preference is to find out good Islamic institute near your home from where you can easily learn Quran, but if it has been impossible for you, then you have a very easiest way to get the education of Quran from many online sources. Our online source is learningthequran that is engaged in providing these noble services from many years from where you can easily learn Quran online by attending online quran academy on daily basis with the help of Laptop, PC along with a proper internet connection.  The tutors which have been hired for Quran online classes are well qualified and skilled in this field from whom you can make correction of pronunciation or learn Tajweed in order to smoothly recitation of Holy Quran.

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