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How to Quick & Easily Teach Your Children Quran at Home

How to Learn Quran Online at Home in 2022

How to teach children the Holy Quran with Love

Are you struggling with teaching the Quran to your kids? Here is how to teach the Holy Quran at home.

Growing children who love the Quran and Sunnah, who pray five times a day is every parent’s dream. After all, we want to raise righteous, saleh children who love and understand Islam.

From teaching them the Five Pillars of Islam, to creating joy for them in Ramadan and Hajj to buying the best Islamic toys and books to starting the Arabic Alphabets, many parents find themselves in a dilemma. There are so many questions!

When it comes to teach Quran to little children, there isn’t one formula that works for all. Some families benefit by sending their child to a formal institute with a learned teacher who can give your child full attention while some parents find it helpful to just teach their child at home.

How to find time to teach your child Quran

As a mother, I know how hard it is to teach your child anything at home. Whether you have one child or more, motivating your child to read the Quran with you is hard.

They just don’t sit! Then there is the fact that we have a 100 things to do. How then can you find time to teach your child?!

I have three children at the moment and my best advise is that start by making sure your child has a good routine. For examples of routines you can see my routine for 3 year old child here. School going children’s routine and summer time routine here. Or get this complete pack of printable routine charts here.

In short, fix a time in a day when you will teach your child.

How to grow children who love the Quran

I am a strong believer that we should direct our children such that they grow up loving the Quran and Sunnah rather than be forced to study something against their will.

We can never love something we fear. Never tell children that they have to study Quran and pray or else they will go to hell. That’s plain wrong. Instead talk to them about the virtues of learning the Quran and praying five times a day.

I have three children – a 12 year old son and two younger daughters – 6 and 8 years old. The elder two are memorizing the Quran (Alhamdulillah) while the little one is close to finishing her Qaida. My son studied at Madrasah but I teach my girls at home.

I am not a perfect parent who knows everything. I am just one passionate mother in progress, trying to figure out how to raise her children under the shade of the Quran. I am sharing my tips here as a journey of what worked for me. I hope you find the solutions to your questions, if you are in a place now where I once was.

Make Quran learning fun!

When children are small 3- 6 years old, they need fun methods to learn. Try to find a teacher who understands this. Also, look at their schedule. Don’t over fill it. If things are not working out, you can devise creative methods yourself.

A few years ago, my little girls were not very happy with their teacher. Let me share with you the story and how we solved it.

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