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In Hadith e Mubarika, it is described that any person who want to have conversation with ALLAH (SWT), he or she should recite Holy Quran on daily basis, because when you recite Holy Quran, it is just like as you are talking with RAB UL IZZAT (SWT). The heart’s rich people are those who have learnt Holy Quran by heart and daily remember it. These are those people for which ALLAH (SWT) Has opened the doors of blessing in this world and in the world thereafter. It is very clear that only those persons are wealthier who daily recite Holy Quran because these people are rewarded with internal peace of heart and forever external prosperity. It is related by Hazrat Hassan Basri (R.A) that a person used to come to HazaratUmer (R.A) for materializing worldly desires. He constantly used to visit daily with the same question. HazratUmer (R.A) said, “Go to your home and recite Holy Quran on daily basis.” Then after a long time came again and met with HazratUmer (R.A), when HazratUmer (R.A) saw him, started complain for vanishing away for the long period of time. He said, I started reciting Quran and I found a verse in a Quran which has made me self-satisfactory and independent from others help. That is why I remained disappeared for long period of time. The recitation of Holy Quran has opened my blind eyes and I have given up the wishes of this materialistic world and only desiring the pleasure of ALLAH (SWT). He further said, I used to come to your good-self for materializing my worldly wishes and now desires come to me for which I feel need. Similarly you can get many more benefits for by reading of Holy Quran. These benefits are not only limited to only earning of virtues, but you also get other benefits like guideline for the spending life according to Islam, knowing about the scientific facts of this universe.
In lieu of above facts, everyone should properly get Quran education regardless of age limit because it is usually seen that mostly people among us pretend to learn Quran education as they said they are old now. However, you can get Quran education at any Islamic institute near to your home or can take admission in online Quran learning. Learningthequran is a top online Quran academy which is rendering its online services worldwide through online Quran teaching.This online academy has started unique program for Quran education so that maximum people can be benefited for the blessing of Quran. Parents now can be tension free for searching of tutor near to home for their children rather online Quran teacher is ready to provide such services in an excellent and easy way that children can learn and understand how to recite Holy Quran. By availing this online service, you not only feel inner satisfaction but also fulfill the foremost obligation of learning of ALLAH’s book.

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