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Online Classes for learning of Quran in 2022

Monotheism is the main message of Islam. The cornerstone of the Islamic faith is the belief in monotheism. All the Prophets sent by God to humanity Muslims believe that shared the same central message. To refer to the belief in the existence of only one God Monotheism is a term used. There is only one God who created the universe as Muslims believe that and everything within it. Created by this One God plants, the stars, the oceans, the animals, and everything else in existence. Since there is God who continues to sustain us and also created us then only He is worthy of worship Muslims follow that logically. If we want to thank someone for the blessings we have, it should be God. For more blessings If we want to ask someone, it should be Him.

To truly help or harm us only this one God is able. In Online Quran Classes detailed knowledge from highly qualified tutors can increase information about Islamic history. Therefore we must dedicate God our true and pure love and reverse our true fear only of Him. Of course to love our family, friends, and all humans we are asked.  Our love should be at a higher level for Him since it is Who created everyone else around us.

Muslims Believe in Islam

A true believer has faith that  He created human beings and also created angels. However, angels are always obedient to the will of God whereas were given free will.  To disobey God, angels are not able and all the tasks entrusted to them by God they carry out. Into useless details, Muslims do not delve into how angels were created or how they exist. As human beings, this knowledge is beyond our understanding.

We and everything that was created within this universe we observe around us is a creation of God. About creatures of God through translation in Online Quran reading can be learned. That govern our existence God created the laws of physics.  Apply to the entire universe even though these laws as we know it because He is the one who created them in the first place He is the One so they do not apply to Him. To understand something that falls outside it is impossible for us, we know the normal laws of physics. By God through the Prophets and Messengers, All knowledge we have of angels was revealed to us which  He sent to humanity.  He wanted us to be able to live a good life as He created all human beings. To live misguided or miserable life He does not want this from us. He also does not accept us to do other morally evil actions. Therefore, for every action, God will hold suitable for every human being they have done in their life. God has sent Prophets and Messengers to teach humanity. To spread the message they were selected among the rest of humanity. We should move towards

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