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Everyone knows the importance of Holy Quran that it is necessary and compulsory education that should get in life because it is not merely provides you the knowledge’s strength rather you will be asked about its learning on the Judgment day that either you got knowledge of ALLAH (SWT)’s book that was revealed on Beloved Prophet (PBUH). So it is very pertinent for every Muslim to get the complete knowledge of Quran in his life according to accurate rules and regulation i.e according to Tajweed rules. Tajweed is very important thing that does matter in reciting of Holy Quran. Without it you would not be able to recite Quran’s verses as per correct Arabic accent and pronunciation. It is usually seen that in the current epoch where the information is common everywhere, no one has time to club himself for acquiring such noble education. they are busy only in making money by hook and crook and forgotten the Islam. Even they do not want to bother themselves to go any Islamic institute for learning of Quran. One reason is that they don’t have sufficient time to spare themselves for learning of Quran by attending any Islamic academy nearby them and secondly for those people who are living in that area where Muslims are not in majority. In those areas they don’t find any Islamic institute where they can go or send their children for getting the education of Quran. So to curtail down this happening, Muslim scholars have taken initiative for spreading the education of Quran through online mean. For this purpose you have to arrange only a gadget like computer or Laptop, headphone and internet connection for attending scheduled periods through online Quran academy. In this way you can learn Quran Online by sitting at any corner of world without facing any problem of Qari, as there are qualified teachers who are fully dedicating in serving the Muslim community so that they can get maximum benefits from Holy Quran.

Learningthequran is also internationally known online Quran academy that is facilitating Muslim world through its unique service by introducing important and necessary online Islamic courses. Through their online quran tutor, many of students are learning Quran all over the world according to Tajweed rules and ALHAMDU LILLAH now students are fully satisfied and able to recite Holy Quran with correct Arabic accent with the help of experienced and qualified tutors. Online Quran learning program offered by this institute is not much costly that is out of the range of people rather it is cheap and less expensive for everyone. The main objective for economical rate is only to spread knowledge of Quran everywhere just to make it possible for Muslim society to get the unlimited benefit of Quran in their lives for being a good Muslims.It is the guarantee of aforementioned online academy that either adult or kid will soon give the better performance in term of Quran reading and understanding its rules for reciting the same.

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