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Online Quran Memorization Classes With Qualified Tutors

You can learn Quran Online now with The Online Quran Classes Pakistan which includes a group of experts tutors, in addition to the use of technology, where you can learn with ease to save time and effort without occupying your daily schedule with more tasks.

All courses which include Noorani Qaida, Nazera Quran-E-Majid, Hifz-E-Quran, Tarjum-E-Quran, Quran Memorization will be held online through Online Meeting Platforms (SKYPE, IMO) that will be your choice.

Also, we provide daily online recording sessions of your class so that you can revise the daily sessions unlimited times.

Online Quran Classes

Learning Islam and Quran is the basic duty of a Muslim. A large number of Muslims are living in Pakistan and online Islamic courses are getting popular in the Muslim community. Now people prefer Quran classes online from the comfort of their homes.

The basic reason to find online Quran classes in Pakistan is that Islamic centers and mosques are very far from their homes. Parents do not want their kids to go out alone and learn with Quran classes on their own. One of our students told us “I could not find a local Quran teacher near me that’s why I have searched for an online Quran tutor. Now I am fully comfortable and satisfied with my Quran tutor.”

The second reason which is faced by the parents in Pakistan is that they are not able to take their kids to Islamic Center by themselves as they are busy with their jobs. Another problem that we have in Pakistan is the issue of time. Many people do not learn Quran just because they are not able to adjust their time with local Quran classes.

Because of these reasons arising in the busy life in Pakistan, people look forward to that service which gives them flexible timing and allows them to learn Quran and Islam according to their own schedule.

Qts Tutor is the best alternate option for the above cases in Pakistan. We are busy spreading the teachings of Islam online in every corner of Pakistan. As a leading Quran Academy, we offer well-organized Quran teaching services online at home for Muslims living in Pakistan. One-to-one online classes can give complete attention to a single student. Our Quran tutors encourage your kids to learn Quran online with Tajweed. Both male and female tutors are hardworking and know well how to deal with a student in a friendly manner to produce the best results.

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