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Teaching Quran To Your Kids Is Your First Obligation

As a Muslim parent it is your responsibility to teach Islamic education to your kid to make them good Muslim. Mostly the Muslim parent worried about how to give Quran and Islamic teaching to their kid. Some parents used to send their kids to Mosque or Qari to make them learn how to recite the Quran. For non Arabic Muslim kids initially it seems difficult to understand or learn the recitation of Quran. Due to this discomfort kids starts avoiding learning Quran, some of them don’t like the traditional method of learning the Quran. World is running too fast and now our kids are living in modern age so, the learning and teaching method is totally changed. If your kid is not satisfied with the old traditional way of learning the Quran then you can access the free online Quran classes. Now in this computerized world you can get solution of your every problem you can approach Quran classes online for your kids to give them new method of learning the Quran by the high qualified Qaris. Online Quran tutor help your children in learning the proper recitation according to the modern method of teaching. Only the online classes or tutor is not enough for your kid to learn the Quran you can also help your kid in learning by following these tips.

Ask your kid to take regular class and learn your daily lesson properly.When you kid is revising the lesson keep you mood loving and praise them on their learning efforts.If you kid is feeling uncomfortable in learning the lesson help them in learning their lesson with love.You can play recitation of Quran in car or DVDs to make them memorize Surah’s of Quran.Start from the short Surah and verses to make them learn properly.Be patient and friendly to your kid.

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