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The Origin of the Quran

The Quran is the only holy book that exists in the precise form in which it was originally revealed. It provides us guidance in every aspect of life. When you will recite Quran you will see that it talks about prayer, kindness, and charity. Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was very vigilant in preserving the whole Quran in written form. Every Muslim needs to memorize Quran as much as possible. 

Learning Arabic is compulsory to understand Quran 

A person cannot pick up a book written in another language and read the letters to understand it. The Book of Allah, The Holy Quran is the same. It is the fastest-growing religion, and not many people are familiar with the entire knowledge base presented in the Holy Scripture. Many people are realizing that they need to know more about their religion if they are to find answers to their questions. This would allow them to learn the Holy Quran for themselves.

Distinguish right and wrong in life

Many questions can lead people to darkness and loneliness. The Islamic faiths are not only a religion and a guide but a way of living. It is sometimes called the complete code for life. Young Muslims must have a greater understanding of the scriptures in order to be able to access this information. They should also ensure that they can understand the context of the Holy Scripture so that they can refer to it. The Holy Book is known by many names. Al Furqan, which is Arabic for “the one who can distinguish right from wrong”, is one of the names used. This means that Muslims who have the Holy Book’s knowledge would be able to distinguish between right and wrong in life. For Muslims to understand and learn the Arabic Language properly, both adults and children must be able to do so.

Quran learn academy is the best place to learn

Many maxims in scripture can be truly understood if you have a good understanding of the historical context. Before children could go to school, the most powerful families sought out experts in fiqh, Ahadees, and Quranic teachings. These children could learn Arabic and become fluent in several languages at a young age. The Quran Learn Academy aims to bring back the glory days. The Muslim world was the center of education and progress in the world back then. It is possible to revive the spirit of Quran reading and teaching among the youth with a little effort and interest.

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