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Quran is a Holy Book and gives the straight path for living life for those who read and recite the Holy Quran. The best place for learning Holy Quran is Mosque but due to many Muslims lived in non-Muslim countries, there is no Madrassa or mosque, so an online Quran academy is the best option for them. InshaAllah with online learning, your kids are soon learning Holy Quran with Tajweed.

1. Quran Online Academy

The Quran Online Academy is a great platform for students from all over the world to learn and read the Holy Quran with qualified male and females Quran tutors from your home. The best academy provides the different Quran courses online for you. The list of courses includes Quran Reading (Nazra Quran), Noorani Qaida, online Quran memorization, online Quran Translation, Namaz & Duas with the 6 Kalimas. Easily you connect with the qualified tutors for online Quran Reading with Tajweed. Also, you can memorize or Hifz the Holy Quran from an online Quran academy.

2. Learn Quran

Another best Quran online platform is Learn Quran. They are non-Partisan means that not part of any organization, just they convey the correct knowledge of the Holy Quran. From all over the world the students can easily join online classes of Learn Quran academy. They have the best management team including the professional and the skilled male & female Quran tutors. They use Skype and zoom for connecting the students with one-to-one classes.

3. Online Quran academy

Another best and affordable online Quran center for learning the Holy Quran with Tajweed, translation, and basic Islamic courses online. The USA-based online Quran academy having different courses for the students. The tutors are professional and several years of experience teaching Holy Quran. Tutors are the backbone of each organization and the best tutors always generate ab best nation. You can Learn Online Quran Academy courses includes online Quran memorization, translation, online Quran recitation, learning for kids, reading, online Tafseer course, basic & advanced Tajweed courses, daily supplications, Namaz & Duas, and basic Islamic courses. So get 3-day trial classes and learn.

4. Usmania Quran Academy

You know now the world is like a global village, technology makes everything easier for you. The Usmania Quran academy also provides the best platform for your kids to learn the Holy Quran. The highly qualified male and females tutors are available for the student guide and teaching with online techniques. With a proper accent, they teach the Holy Quran to all age groups of students. So here is the best opportunity for you to take online Quran classes, recitation, and the other Quran courses.

5. Tafheem UL Quran online Quran academy

For those who want to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed, translation, and basic Tajweed there is no better platform like a Tafheem UL Quran online Quran academy. They provide the list of courses for you with online skype Quran classes. They have qualified males and females for the people of the USA, UK and the all over the world.

The courses include Quran Reading Education for BeginnersTajweed Classes for Advance learners, online Quran Translation, Basic Islamic teachingsMemorization of Holy Quranand Urdu Learning Classes. 

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