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Understand Quran Online Classes

Understand Quran Online Classes

Understand the Qur’an & Salah – the Easy Way is the first course to help you build a strong foundation in Quranic Arabic. After completion of this book, Your Salah will be different!

InshaAllah, you will have much more focus and concentration in it. You will learn 232 Qur’anic words which occur 41,000 times, i.e., more than 50% of total words in the Qur’an; You will learn basic pronouns, prepositions, and 3-letter sound verbs; You will be amazed to learn that 6 out of 9 words in each line of Surah Baqarah are from Course-1. Unique features: Complete Salah with meanings is covered. A brief explanation of the verses, & interaction with the Qur’an with the help of Dua, Evaluation, Plan, and Propagate formula. The selection of the Qur’anic Words is made based on their high frequency of occurrence in the Qur’an. More attention is on “Tasreef” (word construction from a root). State-of-the-art language learning methods used in this course make learning easy and efficient. A simple yet powerful technique of TPI (Total Physical Interaction) makes learning Arabic Grammar engaging

Understand Quran Academy

Qts Tutor has designed the courses that use Scientific and creative ways to teach Tajweed. We also use Total Physical Interaction, a modern technique for learning foreign languages, and Modern Memory Techniques.