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What is the concept of online Quran learning? Effective or not

Islam is a code of life. Our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W gave advice to Ummah to firmly hold the rope of Islam and the Quran. It is the righteous path. We can only get success if we follow the right directions mentioned in the Quran. The sacred book of the Quran is a miracle. Allah revealed this book for people of all ages. The instructions of the Quran are applicable in every era untill Qiyaamah.

A child is an innocent creature of Allah. A child cannot discriminate between good or bad if we do not teach it. It is truly the responsibility of parents to educate kids about Deen and Dunya. Being a father of a daughter, I strongly believe in seeking knowledge. How can we keep our daughters and sisters away from getting knowledge? No gender is superior to anyone. The Quran has always focused on equal rights.

I am living in the USA. Raising kids in a non-Muslim country is a challenging job for parents. Similarly, finding a good teacher is a continuous headache. It is impossible. I decided to use an alternative path. I have always heard about online Quran academies but I have never practiced it. Some of my neighbors praise such platforms. I decided to go for it.

My neighbors gave me suggestions and I followed their advice. Finally, after three-day trial classes, my daughter started taking formal Quran classes. Neither her school routine nor her extra-curricular activities were disturbing. Online Quran learning allowed her to manage her tasks easily. Moreover, kids learn quickly in the flexible environment of the home.

The online Quran reading is simple and effective for learners of all ages. Her teacher was a graduate student from Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey. I checked his certifications on the official website of the academy. He had teaching experience for more than ten years. It made me satisfied. His teaching methodology proved his credibility. Verily, such teachers change the lives of students.

As usual, he also took initiative from Noorani Qaida. The online Quran tutor entirely focused on the identification of words during online Quran reading. Additionally, he explained simple ways to pronounce alphabets by applying Tajweed rules. The revision sessions and quizzes helped my daughter to strengthen the knowledge of Arabic alphabets and their orthoepy.

He used to communicate in English language with my daughter during one-to-one Skype sessions. I think speaking in the native language eliminates the communication gap between students and teachers. Online Quran learning eliminates the need for physical classrooms when you can get all facilities via the internet. My daughter’s teacher was using a whiteboard to teach her when required. He also shared small videos, phonics, and entertaining lessons to boost the knowledge of learners.

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