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What is the difference between online Quran learning and traditional Quran learning?

Islam has always emphasized learning and seeking knowledge. The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said that the best among Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran to others. Allah created human beings to help each in the hour of need. The teachings of the Quran have immense importance for Muslims to get guidance about every matter of life. Today, Muslims are facing more problems than they faced before. It urges us to learn and understand the Quran to find a solution. Hence, there is a dire need of Islamic education to show the right path to Muslims. There are different modes to learn the Quran. You can go to a mosque for a traditional type of Quran learning. However, technology-based online Quran learning is becoming popular because it has many advantages over traditional learning.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between traditional and online Quran learning behavior.

Online Quran learning
Traditional offline Quran learning

You can online Quran classes from your home during your free time.
You have to reach a mosque or madrassah on a fixed timetable to take classes.

You feel comfortable and relaxed while taking classes from home.
The students feel stressed and uncomfortable about attending madrassah for a long time.

You can manage your daily routine task. Even school going children can easily manage their school, Islamic education, and co-curricular activities simultaneously.
The kids feel a burden to follow a strict routine daily and they cannot manage many tasks.

The online Quran classes save your traveling cost and time.
You spend money to physically go to a mosque for taking Quran classes. It also takes a lot of time.

This type of learning is suitable for learners of all ages. Even elderly people and kids can take classes from home without going madrassah.
Many elderly people feel hesitation to go to a mosque for learning the Quran.

You can choose any course of your choice. The teachers are available all the time. Moreover, you can select a male or female tutor.
You cannot any course as professional scholars for each course are available all the time. Usually, male teachers are available in mosques.

The online Quran teachers pay attention to each student during the one-on-one Skype class sessions. It helps the students to achieve their milestones quickly.
As many students are learning simultaneously, the attention of teachers divide. As a result, weak students suffer a lot.

The teachers keep on updating distance learning methods to build interest among learners.
The teachers follow a typical learning style that is neither effective nor interactive.

The teachers use a step-based teaching methodology to strengthen the basic knowledge of learners about Arabic language.
The teachers use traditional methodology irrespective of focusing on the age or mental capabilities of students.

The certified online Quran teachers hold degrees in Islamic education, Ijazah, or Hifz from the world’s best institutes.
The teachers are qualified from local madrassah without holding professional degrees.

Online Quran learning is safe for both male and female learners.
The students face physical violence such as slapping, scolding, or turning ears.

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