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  • +1 - 332 - 230 - 4376 | +92 – 314 – 257 – 2609
ربيع الأول ٦ ١٤٤٥

About Us

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed for Kids & Adults

At QTSTUTOR, our mission is to enrich the lives of Muslims by offering an affordable and accessible method for children and adults to learn Quran online conveniently at home.

The responsibilities of modern life make it difficult for many Muslims to devote as much time as they would like to learn the Quran. That’s why we offer so many different ways to learn Quran online that can be adapted to the amount of time you have available, your area of interest, and the type of teacher you prefer. 

We offer a wide range of classes that can fit into even the busiest schedules, providing a haven of devotion to Quran. Learning the Quran online will give you the comfort that flows from the knowledge that you’re on the righteous path. That’s why our engaging, interesting and effective online Quran classes are so popular in over ninety countries around the world, spreading the love of the Quran. 

We offer free trial lessons to help you find the courses and instructors that are the best fit for your Quran learning needs and interests. Once you’ve chosen the teachers and subjects you prefer, you can register for Quran classes.

Features Which We Provide

  • Learn with a Quran tutor on Skype
  • Worldwide support
  • 24 hours availability
  • Choice of Male or Female tutor for your child
  • Laptop, Smartphone Support
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Read Quran in 3 months only
  • Learn at Your Preferred Time
  • Electricity and Internet backup
  • One to One Interactive Quran Teaching Classes!
  • Whiteboard, Audio, Video supported

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