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Today we are in dire need of Islamic education, more than ever. Quran Teaching Solution brings you the best and easiest way to learn Quran! 

We are a dedicated, ambitious, and small group of professional Quranic teachers who provide online classes to everyone willing.

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Qaida For Beginners Image
Qaida For Beginners
Quran Reading For Begginers Course
Quran Reading For Begginers Course
Quran For Kids Course
Quran For Kids Course
Islam For Kids Course
Islam For Kids Course
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Quran with tajweed
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Sala'at And Dua


Online Quran Learning & Teaching Solution started functioning in 2019 as an online Quran Academy organization for teaching the Quran. It is the leading learn Quran online Islamic center for those who are involved in the Quran and holy education. We offer Quran learning service in the form of distance courses. We have an extensive syllabus for Islamic studies too.Online Quran Learning & Teaching Solution Our unique online learning tools help in teaching every course. Our education method is a combination of both conventional and modern methods. We are innovative so we teach online and offer you the best learning practice. We offer learn Quran online the teaching services to the students residing in the USA, Canada, UAE, UK, Australia, etc under the supervision of deeply qualified and capable teachers.


Online Quran Learning & Teaching Solution is a universal Online Quran  academy. The institute provides the courses at a worldwide level to all the Muslims. We are the best platform for those who don’t have the learning facility in their area. Our plan is to make the Muslims learn the Holy Book in the best possible manner. We teach with the correct voicing.

We really appreciate you being here and hope you enjoy exploring all the resources we have made available to help you engage the Quran daily.

Learn to Read Quran with Tajweed

Arabic words, Harakat (vowels) and Tajweed Rules (Qawaid) are prepared in a creative way to reduce education time for busy people. Also, deep concepts are simplified using logical techniques. Do you wish to gain the entire above advantages and rewards? We are one of the best Online Quran Academy service provider. Our online Holy Quran teachers available in multiple languages on a 24/7 basis for Holy Quran reading and reciting to you and your kids.

Quran Tajweed

Utilizing Technology and the Power of Human Relationships with Online Quran Tutor

If you want and looking for home Quran tuition for yourself or your kids or family person; Online Quran Learning & Teaching Solution is the best option for you. We have highly Skilled teachers speaking English, Arabic &  Urdu as well. 

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