Learn Quran Reading Course For Beginners

Qts Tutor – The Online Academy provides a comfortable online teaching platform for teaching the Quran for individuals of all ages and genders. Arabic is a complex language to understand and it requires a lot of skills to have full command of it. The beginners find it very difficult to understand the language.

  • Virtues of As-Salah
  • Names and Times of As-Salah
  • Adhan The call for As-Salah
  • Purify yourself
  • How to perform Wudu? (step by step)
  • How to perform Ghusl (step by step)
  • How to perform Tayammum (step by step)
  • Compulsory and Sunnah prayers
  • How to perform Salah? (step by step )
  • Twelve Sunnahs in Wudhu
  • As-Salah in Congregation
  • Short Surah of Quran
Duration 30 min
Classes Per Week 4
Classes Per Month 20
Fee per Month $65

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